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[   ]Brown_2006_Mapping the interaction surface of linker histone H1(0) with the nucleosome of native chromatin in vivo.pdf2011-05-22 23:42 471K 
[   ]Caterino_2011_Nucleosome linker DNA contacts and induces specific folding of the intrinsically disordered h1 carboxyl-terminal domain.pdf2011-05-21 19:53 943K 
[   ]Fan_2006_Complex of linker histone H5 with the nucleosome and its implications for chromatin packing.pdf2011-05-23 10:34 1.9M 
[   ]Fang_2012_DNA and nucleosomes direct distinct folding of a linker histone H1 C-terminal domain.pdf2012-06-01 17:37 4.8M 
[   ]Lu_2009_Chromatin condensing functions of the linker histone C-terminal domain are mediated by specific amino acid composition and intrinsic protein disorder.pdf2012-06-02 17:46 553K 
[   ]Meyer_2011_From crystal and NMR structures, footprints and cryo-electron-micrographs to large and soft structures: nanoscale modeling of the nucleosomal stem.pdf2012-06-10 14:36 14M 
[   ]Syed_2010_Single-base resolution mapping of H1-nucleosome interactions and 3D organization of the nucleosome.pdf2011-05-21 20:11 2.4M 

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